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Helping You Achieve Your Goals and Objectives With Japanese Companies

When it comes to doing business, practices and culture in Japan are exceptionally unique. Japanese professionals rely on established long-term relationships. Amtech International in Troy, Michigan, we understand that personal contacts are key ingredients in being successful in these kinds of industries!

Our company is your introduction to this lucrative global market. Learn how we can provide the coverage, resources, and services that you need in making inroads with new customers based in Asia.

Do you share the roadmap to achieve your goals and objectives with that customer?


Who We Are

We are a cost-effective alternative for access to the Japanese and Asian Automotive component sales and marketing networks worldwide. Our goal is to eliminate the traditional language and cultural barriers when conducting business with Japanese and other Asian OEMs and suppliers. By way of our depth of contacts, we ensure your direct communication with decision-makers and the subsequent opportunity to grow your business.

Are you connected with the decision makers in Japan?

What We Do

Position your company to achieve your Japanese business goals and objectives

Image and relationship development

Maximize your core competency to win Japanese business opportunities

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