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Amtech International firmly believes in quality and innovation. With our assistance, many companies have increased their market shares with various Japanese and other Asian manufacturers.

We have exceptional associates that bring our company to be one of North America’s leading automotive consulting groups between Eastern and Western businesses.

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In 1978, Mr. Heard has joined Denso, a premier automotive supplier, and he has been part of the Japanese business market ever since. He then helped a wide variety of companies such as TRW, Freudenberg-NOK, and CMI International build their relationships with the Japanese business community.

As someone who was born in Japan, he knows the Japanese culture and philosophy by heart. Mr. Heard didn’t have to learn the values and Japan’s business practices because these are already part of him. In addition, he is fluent in Japanese, which allows him to communicate without a problem with clients and companies.

Our Team


Eric F. Heard

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Tom Bodell

Managing Director

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Shojiro Harada

Senior Advisor, Office of the President
AMTECH International

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Seiichi Kadomatsu

Technical Sales and Engineering Manager
AMTECH International

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Ryuzo Masaki

Sales and Engineering Director
AMTECH International

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Miho Ohsawa

Senior Research Specialist
AMTECH International

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Why Choose Amtech

It has always been our goal to bridge the gap for businesses that aim to work with Japanese auto manufacturers. With this in mind, you can capitalize on our knowledge, reputation, proven track record, and documented performance where we:

  • Improve Revenues and Profits
  • Increase Sales Productivity
  • Reduce SG&A Costs
  • Enhance Customer and Supplier Coverage in North America and Asia
  • Acquire Expertise in Japanese Business, Communication, and Logistics Skills

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If you have any further questions about what we do, get in touch with us today. Our team is more than happy to answer any inquiries you have.